Ian Carr & The Various Artists

About Ian Carr & The Various Artists

Ian Carr and the Various Artists acclaimed new album ” I Like Your Taste In Music” and “I Like Your Taste In Remixes” EP featuring reworks by GRIP TIGHT and Richard J.Birkin are available from our store.

“I Like Your Taste In Music” follows up debut album “Who He?”, a record that was described as having “all of the hallmarks of something once discovered, never ignored, an earworm of the first order and a treasure of particular rarity” and awarded Album of the Month by FolkRadioUK.

Ian says…
“I Like Your Taste In Music” was a riff i had for years, and I couldn’t stop playing it-it became the tune that I played to check the sound on my guitar before gigs.
But it needed words and one day in a hotel room in Skellefteå in Northern Sweden a man appeared on a flaming pie and said “Thou Shalt Sing ” I Trust Your Taste In Men” ” I said ” I cannot sing that” and Maria (Jonsson), who was also in the room said “you could sing ” I Like Your Taste In Music” ” And thus it was!

The new album was awarded a full 5 out of 5 Stars in it’s first review read that here and watch the band perform live Ian Carr review and video

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