The Little Unsaid

About The Little Unsaid

The band released two stand alone singles in 2020, “Dolly” and “Half Alive” and recorded their new album expected for release in May 2021.

Praise for The Little Unsaid:

‘Entrancing…deeply atmospheric…songwriting of a real rich quality, all held together by an intensity of approach, by a focus on the emotional weight music can carry’
Clash Magazine

‘The first thing you notice about these songs is their emotional honesty. Elliott writes about mental illness from the point of view of someone who has lived through it and come out the other side, someone who is acutely aware of how close he still is to his demons. But his songs are full of hope, full of the potential for a better future despite the continued proximity of depression.’
Folk Radio U.K.

‘Extraordinary music. This is an amazing act’
Bob Harris

‘A brave and often brilliant collection’
R2 Magazine (on Selected Works)

Management Tom Rose
Booking Gail Cooke
Image of John Elliot by Pete Millson

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