Artists & Producers currently managed by Tom:


‘My career took off because of his tenacity, undying support and incredible work ethic. Tom was the only person I knew who worked as hard as me and is now my manager of several years and counting
by far the most enthusiastic and caring person I have ever worked with in the music business. Not only is he always thinking of new ideas to try, he actually puts them into action and makes them work’

Joan As Police Woman

‘His gentle appreciation and commitment to what he loved slowly convinced me to trust again and now I’ve been working with Tom these past years I feel I’ve found a wise and trusted ally’

Eddi Reader

‘The entirety of my musical enterprises under my own name/steam have been conducted in the shelter of the Reveal umbrella
and it’s so much a part of my creative life now that it feels familial’

Kris Drever / Lau

‘Reveal represents that panacea for musicians trying to carve out a life making records within a fairly cynical business; we can focus on making our best music, saying what we want to say with it, and Tom helps it find its way into the world in a way we couldn’t’

The Little Unsaid

‘Within the expansive realm of Reveal I have the courage to express myself and trust my creativity’

Dan Whitehouse

‘Reveal is a mindset. It is a creative place where I feel free to experiment and take risks. After a lifetime of making music I feel as though I’m home. Ask anyone on Reveal and they will say the same’

Boo Hewerdine

‘The man is never fazed. The man takes risks. He has a rare instinctive response to music, and it tends to be spot on. He is a nurturer and a sonic adventurer. He understands the graft and dedication it takes to make explorative new sounds and he gives the same’

Aidan O’Rourke / Lau

‘For integrity, passion, and loyalty to one’s artists, you could search from London to Liverpool, Derby to Devon and not find a better man than Tom Rose’

Simone Felice / The Felice Brothers

‘Tom understands this industry is based on goodwill and doing exactly what you have promised to do – Time and again I have seen Tom Rose’s genuine love of real music, consistently signing and working with rising artists who later become main stage names. In the words of Ian Dury…There ain’t half been some clever bastards!”

Chris Wood

‘It is safe to say that neither Lau nor I would be in the fortuitous professional position we are without Tom’s endless hard work, far-sighted approach and deep understanding of many aspects of the music business. I would not hesitate to recommend him’

Martin Green / Lau

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